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Superconducting Hybrids @ Extreme – Hybrid Online In-person Meeting (Slovakia) 28th June To 02 July 2021

Superconducting Hybrids @ Extreme – hybrid online in-person meeting (Slovakia) 28th June to 02 July 2021

The workshop ”Superconducting Hybrids @ Extreme” organized in the framework of the COST action CA16218 will be focused on recent advances in superconducting coherent hybrid structures at extreme experimental conditions of ultralow temperatures, high magnetic fields, high pressures and at nanoscale. It aims at boosting discussions on superconducting nanostructures and materials, nanoscale devices, hybrids made of superconducting and magnetic systems, topological materials, superfluids and strongly correlated electron systems addressed by different kinds of techniques from nanoprobes to transport, thermodynamic and magnetic measurements. Theoretical works on the topics are welcome, too. Stimulating discussions between experiment, theory and computational approaches are expected.

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Jozef Kačmarčík, Pavol Szabó, Peter Samuely – IEP SAS, Košice.

Tomáš Samuely – FS UPJŠ, Košice.

Topics of the workshop:

  1. Novel quantum states in superconductors and topological materials
  2. Extreme disorder, low domensionality, coherence
  3. Superconductivity @ extreme (pressure, field, temperature)
  4. Strongly correlated electron systems and high-Tc superconductors
  5. Josephson junctions and arrays
  6. Superconductor/ferromagnet hybrids
  7. Coherent phenomena at mesoscopic and nanoscale (including vortex physics).
  8. Novel materials, hybrids, properties.
  9. Applications benefiting from quantum coherence of superconducting hybrids

Invited speakers (preliminary list):

Ahmad, Halima Giovanna
Ayress, Jake
Barišič, Neven
Bending, Simon
Black-Schaffer, Anika
Bouzdin, Alexander
Carreira, Santiago J
Caruso, Roberta
Cayao, Jorge
Cieplak, Marta
Cren, Tristan
Fabián, Jaroslav
Gazdic, Tim
Gencer, Ali
Gmitra, Martin
Hakonen, Pertti
Herrera, Edwin
Hlubina, Richard
Humbert, Vincent
Kačmarčík, Jozef
Kim, Howon
Kopčík, Michal
Lang, Wolfgang
Leridon, Brigitte
Levitin, Lev
Linek, Julian
Lombardi, Floriana
Maccari, Ilaria
Makk, Peter
Martin Vega, Francisco
Milosevic, Milorad
Montemuro, Domenico
Nemes-Incze, Peter
Palau, Anna
Pokorny, Vladislav
Puzniak, Roman
Raes, Bart
Samuely, Tomáš
Silhanek, Alejandro
Sobolewski, Roman
Strunk, Christoph
Tesař, Roman

Registration and Abstract

Please download the Registration and abstract form and submit it per email to

For only online attendants (no poster nor oral presentation), please use this form.

No registration fee will be raised for participants of the countries included in the COST Action.


To be confirmed.


To be confirmed.

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