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Mini workshop “Towards strong correlations in van der Waals heterostructures and 2D materials”

25 March 2021, from 14h00 to 18h00 CET

Organizers: Yonathan Anahory and Milorad Milosevic.

Plenary session

14h00-14h30: Eli Zeldov, Weizmann Institute of Science, Israel

14h30-15h00: Chun Ning Lau (Jeanie), Ohio State University, United States

15h00-15h30: Dimitri Efetov, ICFO – The Institute of Photonic Sciences, Spain

15h30-15h45: Break

Invited session


Poster session


Participation is free through previous registration by filling this form and abstract submission using this template, both submitted by email to

Aims and scope of mini-workshops

Nanocohybri aims to gather experts in topical problems that set new directions for nanoscale coherent superconducting devices. To this end, we have designed an agile format consisting of one-day mini-workshops with invited speakers chosen by the Committee of the Action on a particular theme. The meetings consist of 25+5’ and 15+5’ talks (only by invitation) and break-out session for discussions between speakers and poster presenters.

An important aim of this initiative is to provide young researchers for an online framework where they can continue building a strong curriculum. As such, we particularly welcome the participation of young students, just for hearing talks and/or for presenting a poster.

We strongly adhere to the “excellence and inclusiveness” strategy of COST and favor the inclusion of participants from members of ITC countries (Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Estonia, Croatia, Hungary, Lithuania, Latvia, Luxembourg, Malta, Moldova, Montenegro, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovenia, Slovakia, Republic of North Macedonia, Republic of Serbia and Turkey), early career investigators and the promotion of gender balance. We will furthermore consider extending the oral program, if we identify particularly interesting published work among the submitted abstracts. Every participant will receive a certificate.

Organizers of the series of mini-workshops:

Yonathan Anahory, Floriana Lombardi, Milorad Milosevic, Jovan Mirković and the COST Action Management Committee.

Supporting team:

  • Irene González.
  • Rafael Álvarez.
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